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This concave, one sided world’s surface consists of about 90% water. The largest landmass of Foo is at the center of the bowl, with sequentially smaller islands radiating out to nearer the rim. The smallest landmasses of Foo, so small that they usually go unclaimed by any kingdom, are about the size of a one bedroom hut. At the very center point of the world is a tree so large that it can be seen from any other point on Foo, taking up all but the coast of the center continent. The rim of the world’s water is tossed about in never ending storms, creating such a sea-spray that it becomes impossible to see. The temperature rapidly drops to below freezing, turning the sea-spray into needle sharp ice storms. On the very outer rim of Foo (though undiscovered by the races living upon her) is a ring of ice and snow which drops off the edge in giant icicles.


Eerog; The largest nation, both geographically and power-wise. Eerog is the center tree continent, it’s citizens living on and in the tree itself, using complex pulley, chute, and slide systems as transport for themselves and their goods, though it is not unheard of for the tree’s inhabitants to have magicked wings grown onto their backs as well. Eerog’s main source of sustenance is the various fruits the tree produces, though the tree people will pay dearly for the fresh seafood the rest of Foo takes for granted. Main exports include said fruit and fruit based alcohol, along with certain magical ingredients which only grow on the tree, and intricate wood worked art. Eerog’s main god is Foo, with Joliar following, and Se el as third.

The second largest nation is Quan.

The rest of the world’s kingdoms consist of islands and island chains of varying size and importance.

Ruelle; Main exports are healing potions and tinctures. Ruelle is home to The Garden, which is a carefully tended, park-like flower garden that is known as the place Simune last touched the world. Simunites from all over Foo come to The Garden on holy pilgrimages. Ruelle’s main god is Simune, with Faust and Kevall tied for second most worshiped, followed by Queda.

Gahest; Main exports are the works of it’s smithies and masons, who are known for their great skill. Gahest is known for it’s cities, which are planned before they’re built, and for the fact that most of it’s islands are connected by solidly constructed bridges. In Gehest, chess and other such strategic games are a very popular pass-time. Gahest’s main gods are Faust and Uliupfk, Shado following, and with a strong Darksaint Brotherhood within it’s borders.

Telure; Main export is knowledge, and wizards, most of whom are Joliarites. Telure is home to the greatest library in all of Foo, and consequently, the literacy rate of it’s citizens is much higher than most nations. Telure is also home to the two best wizard academies in the world, known as Uld and Havish. Telure’s main god is Joliar, with Hoppepa as second most worshiped, and Queda as third.

The Jarsh Syndicate; A collective of pirates who have bases on various outer islands. The Jarsh Syndicate has entire generations born within it’s ranks, and is essentially a floating nation in it’s own right. They are known to leave the crews alive, and to almost never destroy the ships of those they raid, so that the crew and ship will be able to raided again in future. The Jarsh Syndicate is also known to track down and sink any ‘freelancers’ they hear about or come across. It is because of these policies that the rest of the nations haven’t banded together against the pirates. Their ships are home to a much higher concentration of the beast races than any other nation in Foo. The Jarsh Syndicate mainly worship Haal, Foo and Queda, with Negadraelmech being paid reverence as well.

The Dragon Ranges; Around the central tree nation of Eerog are ten large, mountainous islands which are home to dragons, each island belonging to one breed. The fertile land around the shores of their islands had, in the past, attracted nations to the idea of taking the islands, which led to the deaths of many as the dragons defended their lands. Eventually the dragons understood that the other races only truly wanted the shores of their islands for farmland, and treaties were written and signed. The kingdoms of Foo now all have farmland, mostly producing wheat, on The Dragon Ranges, paying whichever dragon flight’s island they inhabit for the use of their land and resources. The dragons of the world have mysterious origins, being not of Foo, or any of the other gods or hell lords. They claim to know their own history, but refuse to speak of it to outsiders. Likewise, the dragons worship none of the gods the other races of Foo know of, but have a religion of their own that no one from the other races have been able to gain any information on.

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