The Kingdom


The second largest kingdom in all of Foo, Quan is named for the King’s family line. Most of Quan’s islands are fairly small, and as such the nation has perfected the craft of ship building and has a much larger and better trained navy than any of the other nations. The main exports of the kingdom are the ships themselves, along with any and all sailing accoutrements, as well as the best crafted bows in all of Foo. Many of Quan’s islands are off limits to rural development, kept strictly as forest farms for the kingdom’s ample lumber needs. These forest islands each have a guard ship assigned to them, their crews also tending to the trees under their care.

The Capitol city of Quan is Duldora, one of the nation’s only landlocked cities, and from which his royal highness, King Vicktor Quan rules with his wife, Queen Juile.

Quan’s main gods are Faust, Foo, and Queda, with Uliupfk prayed to by the kingdom’s many artisans, and paid tribute to before any new project is undertaken.

It is from the kingdom of Quan that The Jarsh Syndicate arose; in the nation’s history conscription into it’s navy was common, and those who were forced into recruitment were greatly mistreated by their shipmates. These conscripted would eventually raise up, along with all of the beastmen races misplaced by the kingdom’s annexing of their forested homelands, stealing ships and fleeing to the outer islands.

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The Kingdom

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