The Gods

The Parental Gods

Faust- Lawful Neutral {Law, Craft, Civilization, Knowledge}

Foo- Chaotic Neutral {Chaos, Nature, Plants, Animals, Elements}

Kaparaka- Chaotic Evil {Evil, Chaos, Slaughter, Fiends}

The High Gods

Simune- Neutral Good {Healing, Charity, Love}

Kevall- Lawful Good {Good, Darkness/Night, Charity, Knowledge, Dangerous Secrets that must be hidden}

Joliar- Chaotic Good {Good, Light/Day, Magic, Fun, Innocence, Pranks}

Queda- Neutral {Ocean, Water, Fish, Merchants, Sailors}

The Mid Gods

Hoppepa- Neutral Good {Good, Hope, Luck, Last minute saves}

Uliupfk- Neutral Evil {Schemes, Power, The skilled trades, Artisans}

DragonSaint and DragonMage- Lawful Good {Death, Good, Dragons, Law} and Chaotic Evil {Life, Evil, Dragons, Chaos, Magic}

The Low Gods

Se el- Neutral {Dreams, Art, Beauty}

Shado- Neutral {Extinction, Caves, Strategic Games, Natural History, Mushroom}

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The Gods

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