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Queda’s physical manifestation on the prime is a gargantuan fish similar in appearance to a coy fish. His scales glitter with all the colors of the ocean, and upon his head rests a golden crown with a single, deed red gem at the front.
Queda has never taken another form to communicate with his followers; in visions or on the rare occasions people have seen him from their ships and spoken with him, Queda always appears as his physical manifestation. When speaking, his mouth doesn’t move, and there is some debate as to whether his voice is heard aloud, or if it is transmitted directly into those listening’s minds. Either way, Queda’s voice is deep and calm, and when he speaks he tilts his head or blinks his eyes for emphasis.

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The symbol of Queda is the simple outline or silhouette of a fish with a crown upon it’s head.




Queda was made by Foo to govern the seas, as in the beginning, despite how much of the world is covered by water, no sentient races were yet in their depths, and those on land had yet to venture forth onto the seas; the domain was a small one, importance wise.

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