Character Insight

Obadai wipes the slime off his face, and right into his tangled mess of hair, jolting upright so fast that he almost strikes his head against a low hanging branch of the tree he rests under.
“Suns up already, Quigs?” This earns him another lubricious helping of slug slime, which he absentmindedly wipes onto the tattered remains of his trousers. “Lets see what the day has in store for us today.” Beside him sits a massive slug, nearly ten feet long and half as tall. He promptly grabs onto one of its stalks that support its eyes, and uses the leverage to hoist himself onto its back, its squishy flesh forming impressions where he comes to rest. Pensively, the two misfits begin their patrol around the island. Luckily, it would only take a few hours, as the island was not exceptionally large, and very little ever went on there.
This particular evening was quite busy indeed. The local hive of bees was all in a tizzy, as it seems a bear cub had taken a great deal of their honey. After talking to both sides, it turns out that all the bear had to do was ask, and when Obadai procured an apology from him, the bees were more than willing to give him a second helping.
Farther inland, if any portion of the island might be classified as such, a hippopotamus had gotten itself into quite a conundrum. Somehow, it had thought it a good idea to peek into a hole it found in a log, and now found itself quite unable to get free. Obadai’s first thought was to simply break the creature free, but it might end up with a nasty bit of splinters that way, so he wracked his brain for another solution. Now, it is worth mentioning that Obadai’s brain is not particularly large, nor particularly good at thinking, and this fact often leads him into trouble. In this specific instance, he came to the conclusion that if he were to lubricate the log with some palm oil, it would slip right off, but all that did was result in a very slippery hippopotamus with his head stuck in an old dead tree, and after a time, they ended up having to smash the log anyway. A task made even more difficult with the oil.
Finally, the duo came across a rather large and rather proud eagle with a wounded wing. They went to heal it, but being so vain, it flew a few feet away before they got a chance. Seeing nothing wrong with the logic, they simply continued after it, though this process repeated several times. So many times did the eagle attempt to fly that it alighted to an adjacent sand bank. This perplexed Obadai, easily the most difficult task he had ever undertaken, for he could not fly himself, but neither could he let the bird go on its way when he could easily help.
Finally, he decides that if this is how he is meant to leave the world, so be it, and plunges straight forward. To his great surprise… everything went better than expected. Quiggly reacted badly at first, but a quick purification of the water and there were no further problems. After finally catching the stubborn eagle and restoring its wing to working order, the possibilities overwhelmed Obadai. He’d been on his island for longer than he could remember, and now there was so much that was new to him. He decided to set out on a strange trail he found, and ran into a number of people along the way, but strangely, most of them wouldnt venture too close to him. He assumed this to be due to custom, and kept a respectful distance. This passive following of strangers led to even more resignation from those sharing the road, though he didnt really notice. Eventually he ended up in the city, boggled by the vast number of people, and there his adventures began.


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